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Frequently Asked Questions

Power Play for Pokémon supports the following Pokémon games
  • Pokémon X
  • Pokémon Y
  • Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Gates to Infinity
  • Pokémon Rumble Blast

Only games from the region that match your license key will work.

For example if you have a USA version of Power Play for Pokémon with a USA license Key – then it will only work with USA games. For European the same applies.

If you have purchased the incorrect region of Power Play for Pokémon please contact support, and have your license key to hand.

No. Power Play for Pokémon is only compatible with official 3DS Pokémon game cartridges.

It could be that your particular Pokémon game is not yet supported. If you would like to request a code or saves for a particular Pokémon game – please use the code request form..

If however your cartridge works intermittently we would suggest trying the steps below before contacting Support.

  1. Be sure the cartridge is properly inserted into the Power Play transfer dock.
  2. Ensure both the cartridge and Power Play transfer dock contacts are free from both dirt and grease.
  3. Please ensure both the cartridge and license key are of the same region.

If you continue to experience problems operating your Power Play for Pokémon device - please contact support

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